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Winter "Leaks"

It's that time of year again for phone calls about roof leaks in the dead of Winter.  

If it's not raining and you are experiencing what appears to be a leak, it may not be a roof problem.

Condensation "leaks" occur this time of year and the cause is too much humidity.

Commonly caused by:

1. A humidifier running on the furnace.  Solution: Turn it off completely.

2. House is built on a crawlspace and ground moisture is rising to the attic and condensing.  Solution: Have the crawlspace floor sealed and possibly add more ventilation to the attic.

3. Showering:  Cut down shower times and make sure the bathroom fan is venting out the roof or siding.

4. Cooking. Same as showering.  Make sure fan is venting air outside.

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Ice Damming is also a cause

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